Month: February 2015

Dr. Chris Rhoads is chief statistician on federally funded project

Chris-Rhoads-150x150 Assistant Professor Chris Rhoads

In today’s high pressure health care environment, doctors, pharmacists, insurers, and others must constantly scan the latest medical news in order to stay abreast of the most effective treatments.

But there are so many medical studies in circulation that it is practically impossible for health care professionals to review all of the material with a critical eye to determine whether a more effective drug, surgical procedure, or medical device is indeed in the offing.

At the University of Connecticut, a multidisciplinary team of researchers is stepping up to help health care professionals make more informed decisions by sifting through the latest research in order to recommend the best treatment options based on a strict analysis of the scientific evidence.

In recognition of the team’s clinical expertise, UConn was recently awarded a 5-year contract to serve as one of 13 Evidence-based Practice Centers supported by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

EPSY Measurement, Evaluation, and Assessment assistant professor Chris Rhoads will serve as the chief statistician. A full story  about the project is available at

Counseling Graduate Honored at White House


Vanessa Montorsi, director of counseling for Cheshire Public Schools, was selected as School Counselor of the Year by the Connecticut School Counseling Association. Vanessa is a graduate of EPSY’s School Counseling program. Semi-finalists were honored at the White House in January. The Counselor of the Year Award was started by First Lady Michelle Obama to emphasis the importance of school counselors.

Dr. Ron Beghetto Named Faculty Member of the Year

EPSY Associate Professor, Dr. Ron Beghetto, was named 2015 Faculty Member of the Year by Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society. Each year society members nominate a professor that had a profound impact on their career at UConn. This year, the Executive Board selected Dr. Beghetto. He will receive his award at the society’s induction ceremony on February 26.

Dr. Ronald Beghetto, an expert in creativity, recently joined the EPSY faculty.
Dr. Ronald Beghetto is an international expert in creativity