Month: April 2015

Dr. Chris Rhoads Named Outstanding EAQ Journal Reviewer

Measurement, Evaluation, and Assessment Assistant Professor Chris Rhoads was named Educational Administration Quarterly (EAQ) Outstanding Reviewer for 2014-15. The announcement was made by the journal’s editor, Dr. Casey Cobb. Educational Administration Quarterly publishes prominent empirical and conceptual articles focused on timely and critical leadership and policy issues of educational organizations.

EPSY Professor Jonathan Plucker co-authors new report on “Excellence Gap”

While conventional wisdom may hold that academically gifted students can take care of themselves in school, a new report co-authored by UConn professor of education Jonathan Plucker reveals a starkly different story.

High-achieving students from low-income households are lagging far behind their wealthier peers in schools across the United States; and this situation has created an expanding “Excellence Gap,” according to the report, that is robbing the country of an abundance of talent and knowledge, undermining low-income students’ chances for social mobility, and impacting the nation’s future economic prosperity.

Read the full story at UConn Today