Dissertation Submission Requirements

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the new electronic submission process for the Doctoral Dissertation Collection. Doctoral students completing a dissertation will now be required to submit one electronic copy of their final dissertation to Digital Commons at UConn and one printed unbound copy to the library instead of two printed copies.

Digital Commons is the university’s electronic repository of the intellectual output and scholarly research of the University of Connecticut community, and represents a way for UConn to organize, store, and preserve its research in digital form in a single unified location.

The new dissertation submission process will be effective for all Spring 2013 degree candidates, which includes anyone defending their dissertation after December 16th, 2012 and submitting the final dissertation after December 26th, 2012.

The new procedure for Doctoral students to submit their Dissertation is as follows:

1.      Apply for graduation online through your StudentAdmin account: https://student.studentadmin.uconn.edu/psp/CSPR/?cmd=login&languageCd=ENG&

2.      Review the information available regarding the Doctoral Dissertation: http://www.grad.uconn.edu/current/dissertation.html

3.      Print a copy of the Dissertation Submission Checklist: http://www.grad.uconn.edu/doc/disschk010710.pdf

4.      Submit a printed unbound copy of your Doctoral Dissertation to Fred Rick in the Library. The Library requires submission of one printed unbound copy on the proper paper (white, 25% cotton, 20 or 24 lb weight paper). The final copy must include an original approval page with original signatures on the proper paper and meet all specifications. Fred Rick or a designated library staff member must sign and date your Dissertation Submission Checklist, so be sure to bring one with you when submitting your printed copy.

5.      Review the electronic submission guidelines for Doctoral Dissertations provided by Digital Commons: http://digitalcommons.uconn.edu/dissertations/guidelines.html

6.      Submit an electronic copy of your Doctoral Dissertation and metadata to Digital Commons.

7.      Submit to the Graduate School: One original signed approval page with original signatures on the proper paper (white, 25% cotton, 20 or 24 lb weight paper), one completed and signed Report on the Final Examination for the Doctoral Degree, the Survey of Earned Doctorates online submission confirmation, and the completed Dissertation Submission Checklist.

8.      To ensure efficient degree auditing of student records at graduation time, please be sure you’ve submitted a Doctoral Plan of Study, a Report on the General Examination for the Doctoral Degree, and a Dissertation Proposal for the Doctoral Degree to the Graduate School. Review your transcript and make sure grades are posted for all courses listed on your plan of study. Any discrepancies cause delays in graduation.

For more information on the new Doctoral Dissertation submission process, please review our web page on Dissertation Information http://grad.uconn.edu/current/dissertation.html. If you have additional questions not answered by the information available on the Graduate School’s web site, please feel free to email Graduate Records at doctoral.dissertations@uconn.edu.