I-3 Prep Program: Our Current Scholars

Madison Barna, School Psychology
Growing up alongside someone who has a developmental disability, I have always had a desire to be a strong advocate for those with disabilities, both inside and outside the education system. Through I-3PREP, I hope to learn more about how to provide the best support for individuals with high-intensity and complex needs, as well as increase my advocacy efforts for this population. My time in the LEND program has been such a valuable and worthwhile experience. LEND has allowed me to connect with many other disciplines in the field of special education, as well as receive intensive training on supporting and advocating for individuals with disabilities.

Caitlin Boomer with UConn Husky

Caitlin Boomer, School Psychology
I joined I-3 Prep because I wanted to be able to make a greater difference in children with disabilities lives. This program offers all the necessary tools and resources for me to provide high quality integrated services for school age children with developmental disabilities. I-3 Prep has really deepened my knowledge on a myriad of topics that my classes only have provided surface level information on. It’s been a great learning experience so far.

Marline Reynoso-Vasquez

Marline Reynoso-Vasquez, School Pscyhology
In my experience as a paraprofessional, I worked with various students with behavioral difficulties. However, due to my little knowledge, I did not know how to best assist them. I joined I-3 PREP for these students, and my future students, so that I can best help them. All the information we have been learning has been astonishing. This program has opened my eyes to issues I never considered before. After each week that passes, I feel more prepared for my future career as a school psychologist.

Deanna Dixon

Deanna Dixon, Special Education
I joined I-3PREP to further my knowledge and application of intensive behavioral supports to better serve the students and families. I have found the content of the program to be very interesting and informative. I enjoy learning about developmental disabilities and the supports that are available for families.


Kayla Rusby-Wood

Kayla Rusby-Wood, School Pscyhology
I joined the I-3 Prep program because I am passionate about neurodiversity. I am excited for the opportunity to work with an interdisciplinary team to give equitable and quality services to families and students with high-intensity behavioral needs. It has been an incredible experience so far to learn alongside students from different programs within the Neag School of Education and UConn Health.